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Monday, January 26, 2015

January 2015

From this distance it does not seem to be that the sooty falcons being tracked in Madagascar have done much in the past week.  Both are moving around on the west coast of that island.  If you have been watching the weather, you may know that huge storms have been lashing the area where these birds are.  I don't know how such storms might affect the movement of the birds.  At this point in time it does not seem that it has affected the prey availability, otherwise the falcons would have moved.
Movement of two sooty falcons during 16-26 January 2015.
 Also, we had some luck and were able to recover a downed tag near Muscat.  YEAH!!!!  This tag will be recycled and put on a bird in summer 2015.

Downed satellite tag on the beach near old Muscat (Photo:  M. Jahdhami)

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